GenMover System

GenMover will be the leader in generator alignments by taking days off of your alignments.

With our innovative and powerful tool set and alignment method, we have consistently taken
days off of the standard alignment process and added unprecedented safety.

Uncompromised Alignments

  • Our patented MUSE generator moving system provides strength and mobility for the generators.
  • Our Coupling Position Monitor allows us to accurately reposition a generator vertically and
    horizontally, multiple times, without additional coupling readings.
  • Move the generator as little as .001″ at a time with controlled precision.
  • A perfect alignment every time.

Uncompromised Efficiency

  • Perform multiple lifts and maneuvers of the generator within minutes. This powerful tool
    reduces alignment times from days to hours.
  • Two million pound lift and move capability.
  • Generator can be positioned in less than one hour.
  • GenMover takes the guesswork out of alignment duration.

Be ready for your inevitable outage: Call and request a quote for your GenMover service now.