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History / Experience

More than a decade of machinery predictive maintenance experience in the U.S. Navy.

Submarines fueled the creation of Precision Maintenance Incorporated in 1992.

In 1993 PMI begins performing in-field machinery balancing and laser alignments of coupled

machinery and installation of permanent vibration systems.

In the ensuing years PMI continued to grow and improve product diversity, while doing a

significant amount of balancing and alignment work. The vibration diagnostic capability expanded

to include torsional vibration, acoustics analysis and ODS capabilities. The alignment work

progressed to large machines with long high-speed shafts and thermally complex machinery.

In 2001, PMI began looking for ways to improve alignment times in the power industry. Taking

advantage of the experience gained through thousands of alignments, we designed and built a

system to handle nuclear stator moves. In 2002 we employed the system for the first time at a

nuclear station in Illinois. The result was a final alignment including horizontal move and shim

changes in less than two hours and forty minutes.

Through continued development of the equipment and method, Daniel Markeson was able, In

2005, to patent both the tooling and method for generator moves. Patent number US 6,871,412 B2.

Through continued development we have developed the coupling position monitor to track

generator position through an unlimited series of maneuvers without additional coupling readings.

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